Air Conditioning repair service


Air conditioning repair service: Don’t suffer through another Chicago summer without proper air conditioning. Every family should be able to stay cool and comfortable during those hot summer months, and your family is no exception. We service all makes and models, and by providing you with state-of-the art equipment, parts and the highest standards of professional service, you can feel confident that if you experience a problem, we’ll take care of it quickly and effectively.

• Our service rates are typically 10 – 20% lower than our larger competitors.
• We service, repair, and install all makes and models.



• Our refrigerant and parts pricing is also 10 – 20% lower than our larger competitors.
• We have state of the art refrigerant leak detection equipment to find and stop the leak.
• Let us find out why your house or business is not cooling properly with a free air conditioning inspection. (Only for working systems that are not cooling properly.)